Meet BassPipes

Callum Mathers is a 5th generation Scottish-Ukrainian Canadian who has played the highland bagpipes since he was 8 years old. 23 years later, he has played with some of the best pipe bands in British Columbia, competing throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Adorning bagpipes and drums with remote controlled LED lights, and developing LED tenor drum mallets for flourishing, Callum’s entrepreneurial and musical skills have resulted in some shocking and awe-inspiring performances.

Under the artist name BassPipes, Callum has performed at numerous renowned festivals, such as Electric Love, Shambhala Music Festival, Motion Notion, IMPACT, and FolkFest in Eastern Canada. With original music, looping, and traditional tunes over tribal/ancestral bass music. Callum brings a deeply powerful sound that transports his listeners somewhere very old, and very new.

"People's worlds were different after hearing Callum play. His sets are literally a life-changing experience."

Rocky Kidd, Distune Records

July, 2019

"A true dubstep're advancing the community, huge congratulations. You've made what all of us wanted to make."

Jamus, Contemporary Piper

September 2018

"You've made a really unique and interesting contribution to the bass community."


Alek Grose, Reflektor

August 2019